Craig Cockerill

Contact Info

mobile: (818) 414-3896



Thanks for stopping by. With a Film Degree from UCLA and a strong technical background I'm all about working with you and using the right tool to tell your story. Also, I've got 10 plus years experience in narrative and over ten more in commercials so I can deliver on everything from movies and tv to commercials, industrials and music videos, whenever - wherever. Operating is a lot about like-mindedness so don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. No project is too big or too small.

Latest Projects

-Fatal Attraction Season One (A/Steadicam)
-American Horror Stories Season Two (A/Steadicam)
-Fear The Walking Dead Season Seven (A/Steadicam)
-The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season Two (A/Steadicam)
-Ordinary Joe Pilot (A/Steadicam)
-Grace and Frankie Season Seven (A/Steadicam)
-Finding Ohana (Netflix Original Movie) (B Cam Op)
-Mandalorian Season One (A Cam Op, Additional Photography)

Special Skills

-Russian Arm/joysticks
-Underwater and split surface (Naui Certified/UCLA)
-Ronin 2 Gimbal and wheels
-Splinter Units/2nd Units/Additional Photography (if needed)


-Local 600
-SOC (Society of Operating Cameramen)
-SOA (Steadicam Operators Association)
-Naui Dive Certified


-Arri Artemis (Trininty ready)
-Steadicam Volt
-Raptor Rickshaw
-Ronin 2/Masterwheels/Vibration Isolator Arm
-Additional 4K Camera/Lens Equipment list available upon request